Efficient, reliable and customizeable

Solutions and Innovations

We design, manufacture and upgrade advanced spreader rolls. Our solutions provide premium performance and durability, and as an assurance of Finbow quality, our rolls and service feature the best warranty on the market.

Rooted in experience.

Known for their long lifespan and guaranteed performance, Finbow’s fixed bow spreader rolls are always optimized to meet the demands of the actual running environment.


Our patented solutions, product development and modular design enable us to improve the properties of a roll or to change its purpose of use cost-effectively.

We know what you need

With over 35 years of experience, Finbow rolls are designed individually to adapt to your process. Our systematic approach and process knowledge ensure that Finbow rolls last longer, and match increased quality requirements and production speeds even in the most demanding operation conditions.

The secret of our success is continuous product development that is firmly rooted in our experience of different operating environments. A part of our service model is performing detailed analysis on damaged rolls to learn how similar issues could be prevented in the future.

Our patented solutions, product development and modular design enable us to improve the properties of a roll or to change its purpose of use cost-effectively.

Roll innovations

Finbow’s innovations for better pulp and paper production feature patented solutions for moisture management, direct drive functions and locking pedestals for driving rolls faster in different speed ranges.


Featuring sensors for vibrations, speed, humidity and temperature, the SmartBow™ is an intelligent spreader roll that can detect possible problems before they become shutdown-inducing malfunctions. Precise data on the direction of the bow makes adjustments easy and safe even if the roll is installed in a hard-to-reach position.

The smart roll prevents water-caused bearing defects by measuring internal moisture, automating the end-of-roll greasing and monitoring the amount of bearing grease.

Coupling elements

Our dual shell coupling elements protect the roll from dirt and moisture enabling longer running times and better spreading efficiency. The sealed and inexpensive coupling element enables the roll to be used in damp locations while allowing smooth rotation and low power consumption.

Direct drive solutions

Finbow’s direct drive solution utilizes a standard electric engine with an axle for power transmission. The direct drive feature guarantees premium quality thanks to the motor’s precise speed control, and low maintenance requirements enable low operating costs.

In the Randax® direct drive solution, the motor is pre-installed on the roll, and it can be fitted in tight spaces without separate platform solutions.

Moisture management

Our moisture control system eliminates moisture inside the roll increasing the lifecycle of the roll and ensuring more reliable operation. The system is primarily applicable for rolls operating in wet conditions.

Locking pedestals

The patented Finbow locking pedestal is an excellent choice for situations in which the paper machine’s speed range is changed from the original.

With our solution, it is possible to drive the roll faster for a longer time than with the original installation. A locking pedestal can help to shift the roll’s critical speeds away from the paper type’s drive speed path by changing the roll’s attributes.

Lifting tray

Incorrect lifting and moving your spreader roll can shorten its running time dramatically. Additional costs include significant amounts of maintenance fees, skilled mechanics’  time and machine downtime. Total costs can easily add up to 100k€.

With the Finbow lifting tray you can safely lift your spreader roll from the segments. Roll weight is distributed evenly between safe loading points, and bearing alignment is not disturbed during lifting. With the help of the tray you can install rolls to the most demanding positions while minimizing the risk of a failure.

The Finbow lifting tray is a lifting aid which does not require statutory inspections in most countries.