Dry end

DN Series

The DN Series products are designed for moist or dry applications. In addition, we offer spreader roll solutions that can withstand high temperatures and protect from stickies.

Target roll types and applications

For finishing applications: coater, sizer, calender, reel

Technical information

  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Surface: Micro-Venta or spiral groove
  • Coating: Chrome plated or non-stick coatings
  • Diameter: 150–450 mm / 5.9–17.7 in
  • Max. length: 13,000 mm / 512 in
  • Max. speed: 2,000 m/min / 6,500 FPM

Optional feature: HSD Drive

  • Energy efficient, maintenance-free 
  • Easy and reliable 
  • No need for belt drive 
  • Permanent magnet electrical motor 
  • Max. speed 3,000 m/min | 9,800 FPM 
  • Precise speed 
  • Bearingless motor, no lubrication needed