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Each Finbow bowed spreader roll is designed and produced individually to match your production requirements. With a segmented design featuring steel spools, Finbow rolls prevent and eliminate wrinkles reliably even in the most demanding conditions.

Roll suitability diagram, illustration

W Series

Felt and wire spreading in wet end applications

DN Series

Moist or dry applications with high temperatures and stickies

PDM Series

Felt and web spreading applications in pulp drying process

SC Fly roll / Take-out roll

For all supercalenders


For slitter winder applications

Cover designs

Machine positionSpool typeCoatingCoatingCoatingSurface design
HSTCarbon stChromiumNonStick TNonStick NMicroVentaPlain
Wire section++++++
Press section++++++
  • Speeds < 1000 m/min generally plain roll
  • WcT and WcNP vs teflon sleeve
  • Coating on steel spool can last for many years
  • 10 years is not unusual life
  • Teflon sleeve expensive and easily damaged

NonStick T = Wolfram carbide Teflon
NonStick N = Wolfram carbide NanoPolymer

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