Pulp Drying

PDM Series

Our PDM Series products are designed for felt and web spreading applications in the pulp drying process where protection against chemicals and water is critical to ensure reliable operation. 

Key benefits

Premium water resistance with multiphase sealing system and Finbow couplings. High-precision stainless steel segments together with special hard chrome coating for superior wear resistance

Target roll types and applications

Felt and web spreading applications in pulp drying.

Technical information

  • Material: AISI
  • Felt spreading: No drive
  • PDM-DD: Spreader roll with direct drive for web spreading
  • Diameter: 190–450 mm / 7.5–17.7 in
  • Max. length: 13,000 mm / 512 in

Optional features

  • Finbow designed moisture removal system 
  • SmartBow for preventive maintenance 
  • Stainless steel brackets for extremely harsh conditions 
  • Ceramic ball bearings