Cost calculator

Save money with a steel roll

Steel spreader rolls provide improved wear resistance, easy maintenance, and premium durability. They also feature significantly lower costs per operating hour thanks to their longer service life and increased service intervals.

We have decades of experience in implementing steel rolls with premium results. Use our handy calculator to see how you could save money and improve your production by switching to steel rolls.

Calculator: New roll New steel roll New rubber roll Service for current rubber roll
Service cost
40000 40000
Service interval 4 years 2 years 2 years
Service shutdown duration
8 h 8 h
Production value per hour
50000 50000
Total costs over four (4) years 495000 945000 880000
Savings with steel roll 450000 385000
48 % 44 %
Investment payback period 2 years 2 years

All figures are estimates and for illustrative purposes only.