Wet end

W Series

The W Series products are designed for felt and wire spreading in the most demanding wet end applications. 

Key benefits

Premium water resistance with multiphase sealing system and Finbow couplings. High-precision stainless steel segments together with special hard chrome coating for superior wear resistance

Target roll types and applications

Felt and wire spreader rolls

Technical information

  • Material: AISI
  • Diameter: up to 450 mm / 17.1 in
  • Max. length: 13,000 mm / 512 in
  • Max. Speed: 2,000 m/min / 6500 FPM

Optional features

  • Finbow designed moisture removal system
  • SmartBow for preventive maintenance
  • Stainless steel brackets for extremely harsh conditions
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Automatic lubrication units to ensure end sealing grease application