Towards a sustainable industrial future – Finbow aims for carbon-neutrality by 2030

We are working towards becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2030 and halving our current emission levels by 2025.

Sustainability and responsibility are not just pretty words, bold percentages and fancy pie charts on a company website. Finbow’s spreader roll experts are continuously looking for new ways to make our operations environmentally sustainable and completely carbon-neutral by 2030.

“We measure the effect of our actions with tools designed by the Finnish Environment Institute and make everyday choices that generate a positive environmental impact. We are committed to the EU climate policy that aims to make the European Union carbon-neutral by 2050,” says Finbow’s Sales Director Kalle Kylkilahti.

Partnerships rooted in similar values

With over 90 percent of Finbow’s direct emissions coming from electricity, we are already in the process of converting all our facilities to using ecological EPD certified energy. Sustainability is also illustrated in Finbow’s policy to primarily partner with companies that share the company’s sustainable values.

“Finbow favors suppliers that operate with similar principles as us. Machines sourced from Europe are more sustainable as they do not require long deliveries across oceans to Finland. Of course, we also deliver and source equipment globally, and minimize environmental impact by using low-emission cargo options and combining deliveries,” Kalle Kylkilahti illustrates.

More performance from old equipment

Getting more performance out of old parts and spreader rolls instead of replacing them with new machinery is vital in creating a sustainable industrial landscape. To support this goal, Finbow chooses only raw materials that are fully recyclable and reusable.

Preventive maintenance enables cost-effective and environmentally sustainable operations for our customers. A product does not have to be broken to receive service that ensures premium performance also in the future,” Kylkilahti says.

Finbow wants to provide customers with energy-efficient and high-performance maintenance options. If a spreader roll is nearing the end of its lifecycle, maintenance can be a lengthy process – in these cases, manufacturing a new spreader roll might be a more time-efficient solution.

“We want to work together with our customers. We are always open about the projected lifespan of a spreader roll and will inform customers when it is time to invest in a new one – overall performance is key.”

No unnecessary maintenance

Reducing unnecessary service and replacements is key in optimizing resources. Choosing Finbow means choosing longer running times and less maintenance. Finbow is continuously developing innovations for maximizing the service life of our products.

Finbow’s innovative SmartBow™ solution is a remotely readable and intelligent spreader roll that enables fully proactive maintenance. The roll is measured for internal moisture, vibration, and temperature. SmartBow™ proactively identifies the conditions that lead to problems and defects. It monitors the roll speed while significantly prolonging the life of the roll. The SmartBow™ prevents water-caused bearing defects by monitoring internal moisture while automating end-of-roll greasing.

Upgrading your spreader rolls with a durable non-stick coating is another way to increase the lifespan and drive times of your equipment. A combination of Wolfram carbide and Teflon, the Finbow NonStick T coating is specially designed for spreader rolls in abrasive conditions, such as sizers and coaters. The double-layer coating provides excellent wear resistance and premium non-stick properties, less breaks plus easier cleaning and maintenance.

Finbow is one of the world’s leading experts in paper roll solutions and services. Finbow designs, manufactures and upgrades advanced roll solutions that meet the requirements of all international quality standards and the needs of global customers.

Known for their long service life and reliability, each Finbow roll is designed and produced individually to adapt to the customer’s process. Finbow’s systematic approach and process knowledge ensures that rolls last longer and match customer’s increased production speeds.