Carbon neutral Finbow by 2030 – How can we achieve it?

Finbow is committed to become carbon neutral by 2030 and cutting current emissions in half by 2025.

Finbow commits to change. Finbow wants to work toward a carbon neutral society. We are actively reducing carbon emissions and by 2030 we will only emit as much carbon as we can absorb. In our daily work, we make choices that produce the best solutions for the environment. We actively encourage our staff to do the same.

We are committed to the EU’s long-term climate strategy, which aims to achieve a climate neutral EU by 2050 in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Green electricity and sustainable investments

Electricity is the source of direct emissions in over 90% of Finbow operations. In the future we promise only to use green electricity. 

We emphasize sustainable development in investments, maintenance and supplier selection. This can be seen, for example, in the optimization of pneumatic machines and when selecting machine tools.

We have introduced LED lighting into our production halls as well as improved our remote meeting solutions that have decreased the amount of travel.

We make more efforts each day in order to become carbon neutral.




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