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12.01.2023, 08:13
Ab 2023 wird Fipptec unser Vertriebsbeauftragter für die Gebiete Deutschland, Schweiz und die Niederlande sein.
Finbow ist stolz darauf, wieder eine neue Partnerschaft bekannt zu geben! Ab 2023 wird Fipptec unser Vertriebsbeauftragter für die Gebiete Deutschland, Schweiz und die Niederlande sein.
28.05.2020, 00:27
How do you lift your spreader rolls?
Incorrect lifting and moving your spreader roll can shorten running time dramatically. Additional costs include significant amounts of maintenance money, skilled mecahnical peoples’ time and machine downtime. Total cost can easily add up to 100k€.
04.05.2020, 13:13
Finbow Spreader Rolls - investing in the future
Leading spreader roll manufacturer and service provider Finbow invested in capacity expansion in Pirkkala, Finland. New workshop area was opened for business 2 weeks ago and is dedicated for handling spool assemblies of serviced rolls. After…
06.03.2020, 11:01
Finbow is supporting Nikolas Pirttilahti towards Formula 1
Nikolas Pirttilahti is a young karting talent who wants to race formula 1 one day. Finbow has supported 16 year old motorsport athlete in season 2019.
18.06.2019, 15:16
New maintenance engineer for Finbow
Heikki Meriö started as a maintenance engineer in May 2019. Meriö brings strong expertise to Finbow roll service sales production and development. His job description includes for example offer calculation and other technical customer reportage,…
01.03.2019, 09:41
New export director in Russian business
Egor Nikolaev has started as an Export Director responding for the Finbow sales in Russia. Egor has several years of sales experience in pulp and paper industry in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. Egor has completed the degree of Doctor of…
22.08.2018, 09:42
We are pleased to announce that an agency agreement has been signed between SH-Papertec and Finbow
Stefan Helmschrott of SH-Papertec has a long experience in paper mill operations and technical sales in Germany and Europe. He will represent Finbow products in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, the…
21.06.2018, 09:45
Finbow presents: one-of-a-kind smart roll launch in ZellCheming-Expo 2018
Finbow takes part in ZellCheming-Expo 2018 in Frankfurt. Smart roll enables entirely proactive maintenance. Internal roll measurements include humidity and temperature, along with grease quality. ZellCheming-Expo 2018 in Frankfurt from 26th to 28st…



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